Worm Eradicator



This is a  product that brings to internal parasite control what no other de-wormer on the market can. It obliterates all intestinal parasites, is a monthly Heartworm preventative and destroys worms in poultry. Comes in a capsule form, and packs more punch than any commercial de-wormer in existence.

Each medium capsule contains -                

151.475mcg of IVERMECTIN




Worm Eradicator will evict all internal parasites that infest poultry, including the dreaded Gapeworm. Nothing on the market can deal with all five canine parasites, or with all known poultry worms, making this the most complete wormer you can possibly buy.

 "Diatomaceous Earth" a 100% all natural ingredient that worms can't build a resistance against is included, along with some user friendly glitter as a colorful indicator that the medicine has passed, making Worm Eradicator an easy and effective way to completely control internal parasites with a minimal amount of effort.


* It is recommended that all pups over the age of 6 months that have not visited a vet be tested for the presence of adult heartworms before beginning treatment with a preventative such as Worm Eradicator.

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*** Worm Eradicator is in capsule form and easily able to be tampered with, we can not be responsible for any product claiming to be Worm Eradicator unless purchased directly from Wormeradicator.com  **

Latest comments

02.02 | 05:57

I have never used anything better and I've tried them all. I won't spend my money on any other de worming product as long as Eradicator is around.

12.11 | 09:35

This blows away a thing I have EVER used!

12.11 | 09:21

You were right about having to cut down on their food. Both of my dogs are getting fat and shiny.
Thank you!

06.11 | 19:38

I'm not ever going to buy anything else. Kudos to whom ever thought of this.
My dogs are getting fat just like you said they would.
I really like the glitter.