Worm Eradicating made easy with Worm Eradicator!

Dose once. Dose again 10 days later. Dose once monthly thereafter. Every 4 months repeat the 10 day process again.

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Vent Wade | Reply 20.02.2018 19.06

This here wormer is the top of the line My dog gum and testicles was pale I used this product Satuday three days later everything is back pink Best wormer ever.

D Williams | Reply 25.11.2017 15.22

The best worm I ever use hands down great stuff J

Angel escobedo | Reply 23.10.2017 14.22

had a big problem with worms in my fowl wormeradicator has done the job and quick my bird was sick was gonna kill but them pills brought him back best pills

trvs | Reply 31.05.2017 13.27

received mines in about a week, just did my 10 day follow up, looking good, ordering my next few months worth now. Awesome product.

Bout It | Reply 02.02.2014 06.57

I have never used anything better and I've tried them all. I won't spend my money on any other de worming product as long as Eradicator is around.

Randy Kincaid | Reply 12.11.2013 10.35

This blows away a thing I have EVER used!

Wes McNair | Reply 12.11.2013 10.21

You were right about having to cut down on their food. Both of my dogs are getting fat and shiny.
Thank you!

Patricia Lonzaga | Reply 06.11.2013 20.38

I'm not ever going to buy anything else. Kudos to whom ever thought of this.
My dogs are getting fat just like you said they would.
I really like the glitter.

Allen Patterson | Reply 06.11.2013 17.07


K. Cottie | Reply 06.11.2013 02.38

This is the best wormer I've ever used! Gave it last week to my dogs and all's I can say is GLITTER AND WORMS! I will be getting more from you guys.
Thank you

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28.12 | 20:37

Is everything up and running again.

24.11 | 08:59

Needs to know you back up and running I need that’s had all of my hounds looking great 👍🏾 hit me back

09.10 | 15:51

Are you really back up and running now.

09.09 | 00:53

I ordered your product on 8/23/18 and is is now 9/8/18 and I have still not received my order my name is Thomas Thompson and my order number is 648812

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