Worm Eradicator

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No minimum, but we suggest at least 2 capsules, ( 1 for the 10 day follow up,) when first starting out on Worm Eradicator.

All of the images shown on  the item descriptions are the size comparisons for the three different sizes available. (small , medium , and large.)

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Latest comments

31.05 | 13:27

received mines in about a week, just did my 10 day follow up, looking good, ordering my next few months worth now. Awesome product.

02.02 | 06:57

I have never used anything better and I've tried them all. I won't spend my money on any other de worming product as long as Eradicator is around.

12.11 | 10:35

This blows away a thing I have EVER used!

12.11 | 10:21

You were right about having to cut down on their food. Both of my dogs are getting fat and shiny.
Thank you!