Worm Eradicator for Gamefowl.




There is nothing like Worm Eradicator anywhere in the World. 
This product has the most effective de-worming ingredients contained in every capsule. Worm Eradicator is modern science not speculation, obsolete outdated ingredients, or magical herbal powders.

Worm Eradicator contains everything in the right amounts to thouroughly get the job done.

The ingredients are stated unlike other manufacturers of wormers marketed for Gamefowl that do not list what's in the product.

Each capsule contains


Pyrantel Pamoate



Diatomaceous earth


The Gamefowl capsules has been formulated especially for roosters that effectivly worms fowl in the 3-9 pound range


For Gamefowl it is best used in one of two ways.

#1 For Broodfowl that gets a clean disinfected pen or fowl getting ready for a contest that gets a clean pen or on wire. Used in this manner it is a monthly scheduale after the initial 10 day follow up. We suggest repeating the 10  day follow up process every 4 months.

#2 Is a 15 day schedule worming every 15 days for fowl that live in a high risk environment like tie outs, on dirt, or a less than disinfected pen.
Worming every 15 days will keep a rooster or hen internally parasite free continously.


We hope you'll try Worm Eradicator for Gamefowl and experience the extreme heath and  "shine" that this superb product will bring to any animal treated with it.




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09.10 | 15:51

Are you really back up and running now.

09.09 | 00:53

I ordered your product on 8/23/18 and is is now 9/8/18 and I have still not received my order my name is Thomas Thompson and my order number is 648812

07.09 | 17:20

Hello, I'm just checking to see if you are back in business before I send in a order & if so glad you are back. Thanx

20.02 | 19:06

This here wormer is the top of the line My dog gum and testicles was pale I used this product Satuday three days later everything is back pink Best wormer ever.

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